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Did you know new customers save 10% on your first visit if you get a full groom? You can save 10% everytime by bringing in your pet within six weeks of your last groom.

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When you and your pet arrive, we will greet you and discuss what services you require as well as what kind of styling you prefer for your pet. After drop off, your dog will be allowed to sniff the building and greet any other dogs or staff if suitable.  Cats are kept in elevated kennels.

Next your pet will be prepped by a groomer. The nails are clipped and buffed smooth. Ears are swabbed with a tea tree oil cleanser. A thourough hair brushing and clipping of the sanitary areas and your pet is ready for the bath.

The bath process begins by selecting one of our all natural pet shampoos that best suit your pet's coat. A warm rinse and conditioning is follwed by a towel dry massage and blow drying. We blow dry all dogs and cats by hand to ensure the most thorough deshedding and styling process. After bath animals are given a rest to drink water and relax.

The finishing steps include a full brushing or clipping. Any hand scissoring haircut is done at this point. With a little extra primping and bows or bandana your pet will be sent off the groomers table with a hug and a treat to await their faithful owner's return!



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