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Do I need an appointment?

All animals visiting Kitty and Canine should have an appointment. We feel it is important to spend individual time with each animal to ensure the utmost attention to quality of the grooming as well as your pets experience. Appointments can often run long so please be prepared to leave your pet with us for several hours. We do not believe it is fair to an animal to rush them through grooming and add extra stress to their experience.

Why is pet grooming important?

At Kitty & Canine we believe your pet should enjoy their grooming experience. That is why we make safety and comfort our top priority. We believe grooming should be a regular and comfortable part of life for animals much like taking a shower is for humans. We encourage our customers to keep their animals clean to promote good health and hygiene in pets so that the can live long happy lives together.

How often should my pet be groomed?

We believe in keeping our pets as clean as the people they live with. Every pet is different so we generally recommend grooming your pet a minimum of every six weeks and a maximum of once a week. We offer many individualized packages including UNLIMITED GROOMING package to help you keep your pet happy healthy and clean.
What Vaccinations are required for my pet?

All animals visiting the salon are required to keep current rabies vaccinations. Proof of this vaccine being administered must be presented upon making scheduling your first appointment and again each time the vaccine expires.

What is included in grooming?

Kitty and Canine offers many grooming packages specialized for each individual animal. It is important for us to meet our clients in person so that we can build the perfect grooming routine that will benefit their pet.
What to do if my dog has fleas?
Getting fleas on your pet is extremely common and sometimes difficult to remedy. We can help relieve your dog or cat of flea problems by first eliminating the fleas, then following with a soothing bath to relieve your pet of any bites or irritations, and finally show you how to use products and knowledge to prevent fleas from infesting your pet in the future.
Do you accept walk ins?

We accept walk-ins for nail trims. have walk-in hours scheduled everyday from Noon - 4:30pm we offer such services as nail trimming and teeth brushing, for a complete list of the services available during walk in hours click here.
  Can you groom a puppy?

Even new arrival puppies can benefit from being groomed. Your groomer can check your puppy's eyes, ears and toenails for you and begin building a relationship of trust to teach your puppy that grooming is a positive and fun experience so she will grow up to enjoy groomings instead of fearing them.




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